SDH brand China manufacture white cement of 42.5 grade

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Quality is stable, reliable, high strength, good abrasion resistance.

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advanced packing machine

SDH white cement is wildy used for concrete manufacturing and prefabrication, GRC products,adhesive and etc.;
SDH white cement is generally applied for colored pavers, water permeable brick, cultured stone,
handiwork sculpture, terrazzo, wear-resisting floor, putty and etc.;
SDH white cement is equipped with high light reflection property, which enables the curbstone,
road sign, central divide of road made with it to have higher traffic security performance.


Index Name

Internal Control Index

GB/T2015-2017 Standards


3 days

28 days

3 days

28 days

Flexural strength, Mpa





Compressive strength, Mpa





Fineness 80um, %

≤0.2(specific area 420㎡/kg)

 Maximum 10%

Initial setting time

180 minutes

No earlier than 45 minutes

Final setting time

220 minutes

No later than 10 hours

Whiteness (Hengte Value)


Minimum 87

Standard consistency



Sulfur trioxide(%)



Packaging & Shipping

● Advanced automatic packaging line and conveyor for loading.
● Cover the bottom of truck and container with waterproof film to prevent water.
● 25kg,40kg,50kg per bag
● Jumbo bag

Test report

Our products test results much higher than the standard requirements and has passed ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 14001-2015.

Test report (8)
Test report (7)
Test report (2)
Test report (5)
Test report (1)
Test report (4)
Test report (6)

Professional team of applicant specialists

Yinshan White Cement has organized a professional team of applicant specialists of white cement in SDH(China) White Cement Application Center. They are all experts in area of white cement application, terrazzo, GRC, putty, water-proof industry etc.

Full experience of cooperating with world famous company

Yinshan White Cement have full experience in world famous project like Shanghai Disneyland and Nanjing Youth Olympic games center. And Yinshan has establish long term cooperation with international famous company like Nippon, SIKA, PAREX ,JAPAN SKK etc.

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