YINSHAN White  CSA Cement

Short Description:

Fast setting
High early strength (1-day strength equals the 28-day strength of ordinary cement)
Continuous strength development (no loss of strength in time)
Rapid drying (C4A3Š autogenously binds excess water)
Shrinkage compensated – (little to NO shrinkage)
Low alkali PH<10.5
Good frost resistance/Impermeability/carbonization resistance/corrosion resistance.

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White CSA cement is a special Calcium Sulfo Aluminate cement (CSA) designed for decorative concrete, terrazzo, flooring, glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), dry-mixed mortars, architectural precast, fiber cement and more. Specially selected high purity raw materials, optimized calcination and carefully monitored grinding guarantee a consistent white color.
Certified Product Manufactured under GB/T 19001-2008 IDT ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System.


Chemical parameter analysis
SiO2 7.81
Al2O3 37.31
Fe2O3 0.14
CaO 40.78
MgO 0.37
SO3 11.89
f-CaO 0.07%
Loss 0.29
Physical parameter analysis
Blaine finenes(cm2/g) 4500
Setting time(min) Initial (min)≥ 15 Based on customer request
  Final≤ 120  
Compress strength(Mpa) 6h 25
  1d 55
  3d 65
  28d 72
Flexural strength(Mpa) 6h 6.0
  1d 9.0
  3d 10.0
  28d 11.0
Whiteness (hunter) Over 91%


Ideal for making “ fast set concrete”
Allows for quick-demolding
Rapid return to service
Compatible with various aggregates
Reduces efflorescence

Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cement increases strength, reduces set times, and decreases shrinkage of concrete mix designs, used as a stand-alone binder or blended with white portland cement delivers high early strength to incredibly durable concrete and mortar. Conventional retarding admixtures can be used to increase working time sacrificing early strength development

Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cement is ideal for applications requiring high early strength and rapid setting. Concrete and mortar formulated with CSA cement are capable of obtaining the 28-day strength of ordinary cement in just one day.

Suitable projects include

Concrete runway repair
Bridge deck repair
Roadway repairs
Non-shrink grout
Concrete floor overlayment

Zero to Low Shrinkage

CSA cement achieves higher early strength than portlandcement allowing for the formulation of non-shrink and low-shrinkage concrete and mortar products. CSA cement utilizes nearly 100% of the mix water during hydration process, leaving very little water to contribute towards shrinkage. Hydration temperature is considerable lower than comparable quick setting systems .Additionally, because of high early strength development, little or no shrinkage occurs after initial set.

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